Wednesday, November 8, 2017

One Room Challenge Fall 2017 Week 6 Games Room

There is nothing like seeing a project to completion.  And this room is no exception!  I am going to sit back and enjoy these pictures for a long time!    Especially since it will never be this perfect again.  It wont be long before pillows, blankets and ping pong balls will be everywhere.  I guess that is what happens when a room is well loved (by animals!).

I have to admit, I had a bit of a head start.  6 weeks for a room that requires different trades etc is quite an accomplishment, and those who do it should be very pleased with themselves.  I thought I would do a partial reveal this week.

My goal was to create a space for my teenagers to hang with their friends.  But truth be told, we are all going to enjoy spending time down here together.

The barn door is one of my favourite pieces.  When photographing this room, Tracey asked what was behind the barn door?  I replied, "everything that is not pretty enough to be in the room!"

The boys have been bouncing off the walls lately!  Then I realized the pop fridge is almost empty!  Gah... like babes in a candy store!

And then there is the perfect rattan light fixture!  As I said in a previous blogpost, it was a DIY!  The baskets came from Wayfair, and the light from Design Lighting.

I think that by displaying the games, the kids will play with them more.  I know that everyone doesn't have the space to display games, but if you do, why not make them part of your accessories!

The art was a last minute decision, and I am so glad I went ahead with it!  I just ordered them from Amazon!  They are by artist Simon Te.

A big thank you to Tracey Ayton who was so kind to jump in last minute and take all these great pictures for me!

  Contracting, Fourt Construction.  Shelves, Grapevine Designs.  Kitchen, IKEA.  Audio/Video, Sapphire Sound.

I can't wait to show you more next week! 

Some of the rooms that are being created during the last six weeks are AMAZING!  Click HERE to check more of them out!


  1. LOVE THE ROOM! Im in the middle of a basement reno. I was wondering what tile did you use on the backsplash and where did you get the sofa?

    1. Sofa is from VanGogh Designs. Im not sure about the tile. It was a few years ago now. I think it was Olympia Tile.


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